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Church- Minister Relations 

Providing resources and ministry encouragement from Temple Baptist Theological Seminary.

The Church-Minister Relations department of Brewton-Parker College desires to support churches and Gospel ministries through equipping pastors, resourcing the church, and developing strategic partnerships. Our goal is to liaise with churches, pastors, and ministers to encourage and enable them to be more effective in their ministries. We believe that Brewton-Parker College and our new Seminary (a division of BPC) have significant competencies in theological education and practical ministry training that can benefit the work of the Gospel through the local church.

Our Strategy

Dr. Mark Gregory serves as both the Director of Church-Minister Relations and the Dean of the Seminary. Having served as a Senior Pastor for thirty-one years, he brings broad academic and practical experience to these unique positions, and desires to lead the seminary to bridge the gap from theoretical to practical.

“Pastors, ministers, and lay persons today need the highest level of biblical knowledge to face the challenges from cultural trends and assaults against our faith, but the same persons also need a profound understanding of the ‘how’ of ministering to the deepest spiritual needs of the people they serve.”

Build Relationships

between BPC/TBTS college and seminary faculty and churches and ministers.

Serve Churches

by providing pastoral and church resources and opportunities for training and education.


Promote the work of Brewton-Parker College and Temple Baptist Theological Seminary by making known the activity of God’s work here.


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