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Resources of the Church-Minister Relations Department are in development and will be updated as they are brought online.

Assist with pulpit supply needs – Our professors have a passion for God’s Word, and not only do they desire to teach the Word in an academic setting but, depending upon scheduling, would be glad to “fill the pulpit” when the church has a need. Please review the list of our team members on the “About” page and feel free to contact us using the contact form.

Provide Church health, growth, and transition consultation. Churches often have a need for an outside observer to provide a fresh perspective when the church is in the middle of decision-making, difficult crises, or simply when seeking to develop new strategies. Our team has significant pastoral and ministry experience and may have dealt with similar issues or transitions that could be helpful to the processes the church is considering.

Connect church leaders with mentors or the opportunity to speak with our Seminary faculty about ministry issues and concerns. Sometimes, pastors or leaders just need someone to be a sounding board or to speak truth into a situation, and part of our goal is to help the pastor/leader find the right resource, whether that resource is at TBTS or the GBMB.

Provide information about Brewton-Parker College and Temple Baptist Theological Seminary. We are “South Georgia’s Christian College and Seminary.” Undergrad students will experience teaching from a biblical worldview in all of the programs; and Temple Baptist Theological Seminary provides superb biblical and theological content coupled with practical ministry training – all from a conservative evangelical perspective.

To utilize these resources, please send a message through the contact form or call the number provided.


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